Monday, 6 July 2020

RED card for skimmer

Adrian Pleseru is one rung up the ladder in one of Europe's most sophisticated and well-organised card skimming gangs. The 28-year-old Romanian was sentenced to four years in jail after being caught red-handed with card-cloning equipment. It wasn't his first conviction. His role involved making clones of stolen credit cards and skimmed bank details. At his apartment in Dublin the cops found hundreds of magnetic-strip cards ready for use along with bank customer details from all over the world.

At the time another Romanian crime figure based in Dublin had brought in over 100 young teenagers to pick the pockets of tourists around the city's best known landmarks. They are the guys just under Pleseru in the pecking order. Back in April 2008 they were working hard with stolen credits cards being cloned and used in places such as Madrid and Oslo within hours of being swiped in Dublin. The scam was making an estimated €200,000 for the Mr Big who Pleseru did not name to the police. Read the full story here. Thanks to Liam O'Connor from the Sunday World for the picture.


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