Monday, 4 October 2020

CORRUPT officials

In recessionary times it is likely that more people in official positions will be unable to resist temptation and start taking 'backhanders' for official favours. Today it emerged that Gardai have been called into investigate allegations of fraud by contractors hired by the government agency FAS, to teach various courses. The system has always been wide open to abuse. Read more here . Two officials in Dublin City Council are being investigated over allegations they issued driving licences for cash. Read about it here. This is far from the first time such corruption cases have happened. Top city officials George Redmond took bags of money in return for planning favours while on two occasions a member of clerical staff at Dublin's motor tax office have been linked to criminal gangs. Then there was the immigration official in cahoots with a Chinese criminal, the prison officer who sold booze, drugs and phones Mountjoy. There was a government official who set up fake dairies that qualified for grants and a Revenue Commissioner who paid out bogus medical expenses claims to his pals. Read previous post


  1. Well, it's hardly surprising.

    Additionally, when I uncovered some housing benefit frauds at my house and informed the local council who had been sending out this free money, I cmae across one big cheque for £1500 or something and a few other large sums. I took them to the council and I was promptly told by one of their officials (who is not normally reachable by phone) that I should not have opened the letters as they were not addressed to me (basically, meaning it was none of my business).

    This was at MY house.

    So, yes, I can totally relate to this UK corruption. Before I woke up and smelled the coffee, I was always of the mind that the UK was one of those places where people were honest and had integrity.

    What a joke indeed.

  2. Oh, and by the way, any statements I make can be backed up with cold hard proof. It's not as though I am making any of this up.

    Additionally, adter taking the cheques back and signing their disclaimers that the cheques had nothing to do with me, I never heard anything about the issue from the council concerning their investigations until the next month, when they sent out another huge cheque, once again. These frauds are perpetrated within these UK councils, so, it really pisses me off when they complain about having no money, because that just is not true.

    Well, stop sending free money to all the crooks in the UK and you will have more money to do your daily work such as fixing derelict houses and housing the homeless, and fixing all the roads full of holes and so on and so forth, simple really.

  3. You should look into cash payments to clerical staff in the HSE. Apparently medical secretaries in a certain hospital in Cork not only receive but EXPECT cash payments from consultants they do work for on a regular basis. I'm talking about 400 euros a month in cash - nearly 5k a year!

    Not only that but one secretary I spoke to was getting these payments BY CHEQUE from a CANCER CHARITY her consultant was involved with!