Wednesday, 29 September 2020

ONLINE Robbers

Cyber bank-robbers have been hard at work in the UK and presumably elsewhere as well. Police have found a gang that raided customer accounts thanks to details gleaned from computers infected with trojans. UK cops, who have arrested 19 people, say £6 million was stolen by the gang, a figure they expect to increase as they investigate. Read about it here.


Beauty and Health Editor said...

I have been thinking about this, aren't the banks supposed to have some kind of security fraud checks in place when a person's bank account has been accessed in a particular way?

Also, don't the banks have checks in place for the transfer of large amounts of money in a single transaction?

I mean if I wanted to take out my own money I would have 50 questions and security checks to take out a small amount of money, so how come these online criminals are very easily able to steal all that money in a short space of time?

Hmmm, unfortunately, I refuse to believe the WHOLE sory as it is.

Sounds a bit fishy to me.

Eamon Dillon said...

You are right to be sceptical, but the banks have a track of not being forthcoming when it comes to admitting their security systems have a flaw.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Well, not only do some of their security systems have a flaw or flaws, sometimes these frauds are often carried out with inside help.

It's just a fact.

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