Friday, 17 September 2020

LAWYER roulette

This week more news emerged of how Ireland's rogue lawyers have been operating with impunity for years. Ruari O'Ceallaigh was in the High Court after a Law Society investigation found he had gambled clients' cash on the stock market and used clients' cash to buy his house leaving a €4.3 million hole in the accounts. Read it here.
The problem in Ireland is that lawyers don't have to answer to anyone unless something goes wrong and they can't cover up their fraud, negligence or mistakes. It's a real drudge for anyone who tries to take a case to the Law Society which last year dealt with over 1,700 complaints. It's a self-regulating closed shop that needs a boot up the arse.

Here's some other members of the legal profession who have recently gotten into trouble over being given too much trust.

1. Michael Lynn (picture right) - multiple mortgages on several properties costing €80 million.

2. Thomas Byrne - multiple mortgages on several properties costing €40 million.

3. Michael Small, Limerick had a secret client account that was €1.25 million in the red.

4. Eamon Comiskey, Portlaoise, never got around to discharging mortgages on four properties leaving clients liable to pay off the loans.

5. Mary Miley, Wicklow, got loans worth €1.25 million in her maiden name.

6. Joseph Traynor, Dundalk, created fraudulent transactions, one worth €7 million and one property seller was left €800,000 out of pocket.

7. Desmond O'Brien, County Clare, struck off this month for 'misappropriating' €119,131 along with other counts of misconduct including buying a €32,000 car with client cash.

8. Michael J Murphy, Salthill, Galway was struck off in June over 90 counts of misconduct including deducting too much from clients' settlement cash.

By the way if anyone has seen Michael Lynn, drop me an email.


Beauty and Health Editor said...

Interesting, unfortunately, fraud by Lawyers and Solicitors is not confined to Ireland.

In England the very same thing goes on. Take for instance the Solicitor who carried out my conveyancing. I made a complaint to the Solicitor's Regulation Authority. They said I had run out of time. Solicitor was struck off about a year and a half later. They closed my file, I wrote to re-open the case, SRA said I had run out of time. Wrote me a rude letter not to bother them.

Unfortunately, the 'law' in England lets criminals get away with crimes. I have no confidence in the law here. this place is no different from a third world corrupt country, although they will try to convlince you that there is a difference.

Evidence is covered up, or they simply tell you that you have run out of time to complain. Criminals continue to get away with crimes, especially these so called Solicitors and their gang of crooks.

Additionally, when I started to pursue the complaint, someone came and set fire to my garden fence, which was burned down to the ground. I guess they tried to shut me up.

However, the truth cannot be burned, to borrow a recent quote.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Oh, and for good measure, I think it's fitting for me to post the letter that the Solicitor's Regulation Authority wrote in reply about my fraudulent Solicitor and how if I contact them again regarding the matter that they would ignore me.

I think it's only fair, don't you?

Fact is that there are a lot of cover-ups in the UK that never really make it to the mainstream news.

I was defrauded and scammed and on top of that, non of the authorities gives a hoot. I think that fraudualent Solicitor was one of their own, they cover up for their own. Brush everything under the carpet and in the meantime, I have been suffering.

Well, I think it's high time I spoke up about this corruption!

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