Thursday, 5 May 2020

SHOOT the wounded

A plan by the government to target welfare fraudsters who tax new cars sounds like a good plan - it is certainly good PR for politicians and is a nice patch of moral high ground to stop for awhile and be admired by the constituents. It's bit like saying 'drug dealing is bad' - no-one's going to argue. In reality it will be very hard to make it work for the simple reason that the type of dole fraudsters who have €20,000 or €40,000 for a new car won't have any qualms about sticking up a fake tax disc, not to mention being able to use third parties to purchase the vehicle and the tax. Read the story here.
The new boys in government might be better off changing the law to force former Anglo Irish executives to make themselves available to investigators. Their reluctance to face the music is one of the reasons for the slow pace of the probe. Judge Peter Kelly added his voice to the frustration surrounding the case at a High Court hearing yesterday to extend time for the investigation. Read here


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