Wednesday, 16 March 2020

JAPAN scam

Watch out for scam artists cashing in on people's desire to help the Japanese people in the wake of the earthquake. It regularly happens that various scams will be set up, whether by directing internet traffic to click on commercial ads or directly seeking cash from well-meaning people. If you are going to donate do it through a well-established charity like the Red Cross. Facebook users need to be aware about clicking on posts that look to have come from friends supporting a charity. Lifehacker covered the topic here - but use your common sense.


Beauty and Health Editor said...

Personally, I would be interested in helping to pack things and provide labour to send provisions, food and things like that.

Lets' face it, even some of these so called charities only give a portion of the money to the people who need it most.

During the Haiti earthquake, a small group of UK Haitians set up their own thing and people brought clothes, food, books, toiletries, baby food, first aid kits etc and we packed them and sent them in barrels and containers shipped to Haiti. Some people and groups continue to help out in Haiti even now.

People of all nationalities and races came and gave their time and labour and everyone worked in a huge team to get the job done.

Of course, things like that are dependent on having transport and so on to ship the items over there, but I am sure a freight company could donate their time and equipment to getting the goods shipped, at least you know then that the people are receiving what they need.

In Haiti, some people were getting vaccinations from some of these charities that we sent our money to...What do they need vaccinations for? These people need food and shelter not flu jab etc

That's how it should be done. Some of these charities just steal the money and send out glossy magazines wasting money at a time when every penny counts!

I'm just stating the facts.

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