Thursday, 16 July 2020

DIRTY swine

Every cloud has a silver-lining and Swine Flu is an opportunity for the professional scam artists. Apart from the websites and their spamming pals offering cut-price counterfeit Tamiflu, there are other products being offered to sale to the frightened and gullible. The Canadian authorities have been issuing warnings about the scams. Click here to read it. Various pills, sprays, fake test kits, wall-mounted ultraviolet light machines that claim to prevent the spread and destroy the virus. There's even a gadget with "photobionic energy" and "deeply penetrating mega-frequency life-force energy waves" that would strengthen the immune system and prevent infection.
There's opportunity in every crisis. At the height of the Mad Cow scare a number of Irish farmers and livestock dealers conspired to plant an infected animal in a healthy herd to claim compensation.


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