Sunday, 5 July 2020


Serial fraudster Terry Kirby is back in jail until February 2011. The prolific con-artist would usually pretend to be a famous professional jockey to gain people's confidence. One of the escapades he is currently serving time for, saw him walk into a County Galway pub and persuade the barman that he had come to change the price settings on a cigarette vending machine. The staff then helped him load the machine and its valuable stock of cigarettes into the car he'd stolen from a house party the night before. Read more about the life and times of Terry Kirby and the full story here.


Anonymous said...

this man was stealing in Irish Hostels for a long time, got Arrested once in Waterville, and steals cars, cameras, creditcards from backpackers, and he is a storyteller.
A sick man, after i got robed, i almost wantet to pay a i.r.a-hitman to have him kneecapped...

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