Monday, 6 December 2020

DUD notes

It's that time of year again - when little children write their letters to Santa, when office parties get out of hand and when fraudsters do their best to pass off duds notes. Today ten people from the travelling community were caught with counterfeit notes. Read more here. As any trader in Rathkeale, County Limerick will tell you some members of traveller families are up to their neck in passing dud notes. The little Limerick village is where hundreds of roaming travellers return every Christmas from all over Europe and further afield and there are frequent attempts to pass off dud notes. Mind you they are at the bottom of the chain in what can be sophisticated criminal enterprises to print and distribute fake currency. The source of dud notes usually charge around 10 per cent of face value, which are then sold off for 50 per cent face value, usually to those who will try to covert the fakes into real cash. Read previous posts on forgeries, here.


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