Wednesday, 25 May 2020

HOME repair scum

Home repair scams like this one dealt with in Tralee, County Kerry this week are horrible scams, especially because they target old and vulnerable people. James O'Brien cajoled an elderly lady into handing over €1,700 for €234 worth of work. Don't be afraid about telling pushy tradesmen offering services to go away using forthright language. Look for a business card, because they won't have one. If they do, trying calling the number and if someone answers ask for a written quote - but don't even bother going that far because you will get stung. Tell them to talk to your husband/wife/son/daughter who deals with that sort of thing and is at work now in the local garda station. The spiel will start: "We were in the area (doing some big job) and have some time/materials left over and can give you a good price." It doesn't matter whether it's tarmacking, paving, power-washing, chimney guards, hedge cutting - it's a scam. Click here to read about the best in the repair scam trade.


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