Thursday, 21 July 2020

Welfare fraudster's hefty jail sentence is going to put the wind up a couple of people...

There'll be a few guys worried after Paul Murray's particularly tough 12 and half year jail sentence at Mullingar Circuit Court today. The international man of mystery had seven fake identities which he used to claim social welfare from all over the midlands while living the expat's permanent-holiday dream in Thailand. He swindled €248,000 of tax-payer's money over five years. Considering that Paddy Maughan got less than five years for defrauding the UK dole of nearly three-times the amount, Murray has something to moan about in his jail cell. Those worried people are the ones recently arrested over an alleged €1 million welfare scam in Ireland. Now let's see, €248,000 equals 12 and half years, so €1 million equals.... Read RTE's court coverage here.


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