Wednesday, 29 June 2020

The conman who told it to Joe from his 'borrowed' Merc gets jail time off

Con-artist Frankie Shanley, who once persuaded camera crews to follow him around Belfast nightclubs, managed to get a few months off a jail sentence yesterday. Shanley is one of those charming lifestyle con-artists like Tom the Con (McLoughlin) and Terry Kirby who just can't help themselves. He featured on Liveline and even phoned into the show. At Ennis Circuit Court he won an appeal to have a four month sentence changed from consecutive to concurrent with the one he's already doing. One of his scams was to pose as a cop at car dealers pretending to be new in town, then driving off in into the sunset with a test car. He's got 50 convictions and has spent most of the last six years in out and of district courts.


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