Thursday, 16 June 2020

Even the only expert in the village got swindled by art forgers

Wernier Spies prided himself on being the world's only expert on the art of German surrealist Max Earnst. After he authenticated a painting it was later bought by a New York collector for $7 million. It was a bit of shock for all involved to later find the artwork was in fact the work of a group of forgers led by artist Wolfgang Beltracchi in what is being billed by Der Spiegel as the biggest art forgery scandal since World War II.
Works from the group found their way from Paris and New York galleries to the world's top collectors. In passing off the forgery it was claimed to have been bought from a man who had set up 1929 exhibition from which 50 works are still missing. Hollywood scriptwriters are probably already on the case. Read the story here.


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