Tuesday, 11 October 2020

The Nigerian 419 scam-artist army marches on.

The 419 scammers are still hard at it judging by my spam folder. One Limerick landlord almost got caught with a fake money order in which the con-artist sends over and above an agreed fee and asks the victim to wire back the difference. In the past the victims would wire back the money before the bank draft cleared and then get a shock when told, too late, that it was a forgery. This time, the landlord's bank was on the ball. Read it here. People who should know better can also get caught as shown by the case of a Dublin solicitor, James J Maher. He was suspended as a solicitor by the Law Society after he admitted to sending €240,000 of clients' cash to fund an Irish architect involved in a €28 million Nigerian pipeline project. Read here.


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