Tuesday, 29 June 2020

ROGUE Traders

The scam artists who call door-to-door offering to do work while looking for potential vulnerable victims are the worst kind of fraudsters. Using forceful persuasion they cajole and confuse people into handing over cash for fixing non-existent problems with trees, roof-tiles or bat-infestations or any kind of made-up nonsense they can get away with. It's not exclusive to the Irish travelling community but certain families have made distraction burglaries, home repair-scams and rogue-trading their speciality. Today the Police Service of Northern Ireland issued a series of 'Evofit' pictures (see here) of suspected rogue traders they want to talk to. One crew developed an even nastier way of targeting potential victims by watching the disabled car-parking spaces at busy shopping centres and supermarket and then following home the drivers of the more expensive cars.


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