Monday, 3 May 2020


On the face of it the News of the World's investigations editor Mazher Mahmood has pulled off another scoop with snooker's world No.1, John Higgins, apparently agreeing to fix games for cash. Higgins and his agent Pat Mooney claimed they were set up and that video tape was edited. They claim talk about game-fixing (at a meeting Kiev) was in relation to letting local guys win a frame or two in exhibition games and they felt intimidated by the NoTW undercover reporters who gave the impression of being mafia. There's some analysis of the story here. Also have a read of Roy Greenslade's thoughts about Mahmood here. Mahmood was the reporter who unveiled a plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham. Everyone arrested over the abduction plan was eventually released. Then again Mahmood has done some superb undercover work during his career. He gave an interview to the UK's Press Gazette here. Also NoTW have stood by the story and say they have more information to run next week. Read their statement following Mooney's denials and watch the video here.


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