Tuesday, 11 May 2020

STRANGE, maybe true...

Here's another story from the "You couldn't make it up department" involving Michael 'Stroke' Fahy who was convicted of carrying out a fraud as a sitting Galway councillor (a conviction which he is appealing.) It turns out Stroke Fahy became the target of would-be con-artist who claimed to have evidence that would help him win a previous appeal against the original sentence and conviction. It turns out that Padraic Walsh was peddling nothing but blank CDs in a bizarre attempt to sting 'Stroke.' His asking price of €250,000 dropped to €5,000 before he was arrested. Walsh pleaded guilty last week (read the weird story). But then it emerged that 'The Stroke' had been offered cash by another party to drop the prosecution (read that one here) and the gardai have launched an investigation.


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