Thursday, 11 March 2020

BAD Eggs

A fraudster who passed off 100 million eggs as free-range was jailed for three years in the UK today. Keith Owen admitted the charges that he made st£3 million from the scam. One of the co-defendants was Galway business man and former All-Ireland hurler, Pearse Piggott. He was accused of supplying eggs from Irish caged-chickens, but escaped sanction. Prosecutors decided not to go ahead with the case against Piggott and two others. Read about the court case here. Pearse Piggott still has his own troubles with the banks who called in their €7.9 million worth of loans last year when they read in the media that the UK authorities were seeking his extradition. Read about his High Court case here. Suspicions about the egg-scam arose when lorry drivers at Owen's factory got fed up waiting and suspected eggs they had just delivered were being relabelled and sold back to them. It's hard to keep everyone happy when you're running a scam.

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