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Is there any good reason why someone would buy DVDs of naked children?

Hackers broke into a website that sells naturist DVDs featuring naked children and pre-teens. Titles include ‘Miss Junior Nudist’.

The names, addresses along with credit card details of Irish buyers have been published on the internet.

While the information appears genuine, there’s always the possibility that someone’s details were used without their knowledge to buy the material.

Although, technically the material is not illegal, the question remains why anyone with an interest in nudism or naturism would buy such DVDs.

The CEO of One Child International, Evin Daly, didn’t mince his words: “It is used as a means of sexual stimulation – for the purpose of fantasy and masturbation. Law enforcement investigators have found that child erotica is often collected by paedophiles and child sexual abuse offenders.”

“Sweeping with a broad brush, I would suggest that those who purchase these DVDs have a sexual interest in children. I would guess that upon examination of these purchasers’ computers or homes, you would find similar materials reflecting this interest,” he said.

Read the Sunday World’s story here.

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