Published on May 28th, 2009 | by Eamon Dillon


A BUNCH of cults

If you want to be a successful con-artist then start a religion. French authorities are currently prosecuting leading Scientologists with fraud. It’s based on the colossal sums the ‘Church’ charges for their wacky gadgets and personality tests. The victim is claiming she was conned out of thousands after being persuaded to buy ‘purification packs’ and vitamins. My Sunday World colleague Nicola Tallant co-wrote The Complex which is an interesting insight into the very weird world of Scientology. If the French case succeeds the Church of Scientology, regarded there as a sect, can be kicked out of the country altogether.
Another colleague Jim Gallagher (no relation!) is working hard on his book about Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer, the Catholic group which has been fleecing its devoted followers for years. It’s due later this year, also from Merlin Publishing.

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