Thursday, 21 January 2020

MORE mortgage fraud

Last year banking officials told the Dail Accounts Committee that they were pretty much on top of mortgage fraud and the use of false documents and declarations to get loans. Their optimism was quite surprising. This week yet another Irish solicitor has been struck off over making false loan applications. Mary Miley from County Wicklow got loans worth €1.25 million using her maiden name and fake documents. The Law Society has struck her off and she could now face a criminal prosecution.
In Belfast a welfare fraudster Frances McCluskey used her cash to build up a property empire, borrowing £4 million using fake documents. The Serious and Organised Crime Agency got a High Court order yesterday to seize 41 properties in Belfast and Spain along with paintings and cash held in bank accounts. Both cases highlight how easy it has been to use fake identities and documents to acquire mortgages. No doubt there's more to come.

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