Tuesday, 15 December 2020

419 cash

"Dear Friend, I do my upmost to find foreign partner to help transfer $11 million...." The so-called 419ers are still going strong sending out email bait to the unsuspecting worldwide web users. It's not often they get caught but one soldier from the 419 army came a cropper in Dublin today. Gregory Enegwea (24) got four years in jail and a deportation order after being caught red-handed with a box of fake $100 bills. These weren't Superdollars - they were printed on one side only on a regular ink-jet printer and then heat sealed in packages and packed into a metal box with a false bottom. It gave the impression of the box being full of US dollars. As the judge said, it was "designed to deceive at a glance."
Enegwea got caught when drugs squad raided his storage unit in west Dublin. When they found the poor quality fake cash they handed over to the Fraud Squad who waited for their man. No-one bought Enegwea's excuses that he had called to the unit as a favour for some guy's name he didn't know.

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