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Rogue builder Patrick Dunne is still at work despite the recession.

13 November , 2011

Multi-millionaire sleaze Merchant Peter McCormick backs on-line campaign to legalise prostitution in Ireland . 28 August, 2011

Irish traveller traders are suspects behind museum thefts across Europe. The gang has targeted rhino horns for the traditional Chinese medicine market. 19 June, 2011

Bare knuckle fighter James Quinn McDonagh and his brother Michael are the subject of a feature length documentary to be shown at the Sundance Fil Festival. 12 December 2020

The government has been coy about who will get the bank bailout cash. Last week Senator David Norris attempted to read a list of bondholders into the record. 12 December 2020

Once they were the most sought after properties in Ireland. Now hookers have moved into an apartment at the exclusive K Club. September 2010.

After a decade at the top of Ireland’s sex-trade, Cork-based pimp Tony Linnane has been jailed and forced to pay a tax bill of €1.2million. May 2010

Irish travellers from Rathkeale hit Italian and French householders in a paving scam. This is how the multi-millionaire traders really make their money. February 2010

Arriving in style—the Rathkealers’ annual parade of top-end motors. January 2010

Traveller women stage bare-knuckle fight. Two Irish traveller women staged a bare-knuckle fight in Ennis, County Clare, in a bid to end a long-standing grievance between the two. September 2009
Sex-workers trafficked into Cork. CORK prides itself on being the real capital of Ireland and that is now true when it comes to country’s sex-trade. 13 September 2020
Red card for bank card skimmer. Credit card cloner Adrian Pleseru was caught red-handed in Dublin. 5 July 2020

Priest pushes pyramid scheme on flock. THIS IS the rural priest promising his flock cures – if they buy €50 bottles of a miracle juice from him. 3 May 2020

Travellers still stage brutal bare-knuckle fights. THOUSANDS of spectators converged in Ireland last summer for of the one most hyped bare-knuckle fights between traveller fighters. Patrick ‘Jaws’ Ward beat Barney McGinley in a brutal fight which left both boxers bloodied and bruised.

Traveller accused of antiques scam. ONE of Ireland’s wealthiest traveller traders is facing a massive lawsuit by an American antiques dealer over the theft of an 18th century card table. It is the latest incident, straight from a Lovejoy episode, which highlights how the caravan-dwelling Rathkeale traders operate all over the globe in the search for profits. 

US tourist attacked on Saint Patrick’s Day. Young Irish-American lawyer Jim Faul suffered a violent attack in Tipperary town, Ireland, on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Knifeman’s random attacks. A CRAZED knifeman running loose on a crowded city street is the stuff of nightmares. 5 April 2020

Premium rate phone promotions. A COMPANY, which charged people to get junk mail, is facing an investigation after a flood of complaints from enraged punters.

Travellers Generate Oz scam. Undercover Aussie detectives snapped a band of Irish traveller traders on a working holiday flogging dodgy generators to unsuspecting punters. November 2008

Bogus jockey a non-runner until 2011. SERIAL fraudster Terry Kirby who poses as a professional jockey to rip-off victims has been jailed again after crime spree while on the run from jail. 5 July 2020 



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