Friday, 10 April 2020

BAD medicine

Most people think of designer t-shirts when talking about counterfeit products. It is a huge industry, but it isn't just limited to clothes and jewellery. The most dangerous area is in the sale of fake and counterfeit drugs, usually sold over the internet. Viagra and Cialis are money-spinners for the the fraudsters. The World Health Organisation estimates the trade is worth $75 billion a year
Some samples have been detected with no active ingredients, others with dangerously high-levels and then some contaminated with bacteria. In Ireland fake tooth paste has been found as well as fake brand-name condoms. The tested counterfeit condoms didn't offer any protection against Aids, so the potential effects can be lethal. There were 40,000 boxes of fake condoms sold in 2005.
Another popular target for counterfeiters are the heavily marketed and branded cuddly toys for kids. Many of these won't even come near safety standards, posing choking hazards for kids and using untested filling.

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